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Emilie Leyes

My Work

I’m what you might call the ultimate multi-hyphenate.

I’m a queer, NYC-based brain training specialist and hypnosis practitioner, actor, singer, and social media creator.

After recovering from debilitating chronic illness using brain training, I discovered the power we all have to transform our lives using our minds and imagination. I've made it my mission to make these tools accessible to the world.

From there, I went through extensive training in various neuroplasticity-based fields, and I now offer resources to help people change their brains' response to stress, build confidence and inner resources, strengthen creativity, and reconnect with joy in their lives.

I offer 1:1 hypnosis for actors, public figures, and creatives, I've developed countless online courses, I offer workshops for the public, as well as organizations, and I also share tons of brain training & hypnosis tools for free on my social media platforms to help people transform their lives.

Stay tuned for my new hypnosis app, Doddle, launching soon!


My Training

Clinical Hypnosis Certification (Saybrook University)

Positive Psychology Certification (University of Pennsylvania)

Positive Neuroplasticity Certification (Dr. Rick Hansen)

B.A. Theatre & Music (Muhlenberg College)

Plant-Based Nutrition Certification (eCornell: T. Colin Cambell's Center for Nutrition Studies)

I am also currently on a Masters-to-PhD track in Mind-Body Medicine with an emphasis on psychophysiology and clinical hypnosis at Saybrook University.


Emilie Leyes

Statement of Equity & Inclusion.


I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to calling out and actively dismantling racism, transmisogyny, ablism, classism, queerphobia, ageism, and all other varieties of discrimination and oppression in all the communities I am a part of.

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