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Brain training & hypnosis resources


It's my mission to make resilience tools and brain training as accessible as possible, which is why I always offer affordable mini courses, pay-what-you-can live workshops, and tons of free tips on my social media platforms.


Pay-what-you-can workshops!

As a way to make brain training tools accessible to the public, I frequently offer pay-what-you-can workshops via Zoom (replays available for folks who can't make it live).

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Free Resources on Social Media 

I share countless tips, guided practices, and resources to help you adopt brain training into your life on my social media platforms.

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Doddle Hypnosis app (coming soon!) 

In this app, you'll have access to countless recorded hypnosis practices of all lengths and styles to help support you reduce stress, build confidence and creativity, and truly flourish in your busy life!

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This 14-minute guided self-hypnosis daily practice will help you relax your mind and body, cultivate joy and gratitude, and set you up for a fantastic day tomorrow