How to Stop Overthinking Workshop Replay

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HOSTED BY: Brain training specialist & hypnosis practitioner, Emilie Leyes

Overthinking is a coping mechanism that keeps us from feeling.

In this experiential workshop, Emilie will guide you through mental practices and exercises to get to the root of your overthinking, rumination, and intrusive negative thoughts. You'll learn strategies to stop intrusive thoughts in their tracks, help you move through uncomfortable emotions more easily, and reprogram your subconscious mind to prevent overthinking in the future.

Why brain training & hypnosis?

Brain training is an umbrella term for tools that allow you to direct the changes that occur in your mind. While rumination and overthinking are often treated with positive thinking, brain training and hypnosis will help you take a deeper dive into the root causes in your subconscious mind.

You'll learn practical tools such as:

✨ Redirection and grounding exercises to return back to the present moment when you find yourself overthinking

 Nervous system regulation strategies to help the brain and body feel safe and prevent rumination

 Hypnosis to communicate directly with your subconscious mind and reprogram the source of your overthinking tendencies

What you'll get:

 Access to the recorded, 75-90 minute workshop, with guided exercises

 ✨ A downloadable mini brain training handbook that outlines the practices covered in the workshop (PDF)

✨ A guided hypnosis recording (MP3)

Limited space available - claim your spot!

NOTE: This event is not designed to act as medical advice, nor is it a replacement for treatment from your licensed health professionals. 

(New to hypnosis? Check out these FAQs to learn what hypnosis is, what it isn't, and what to expect)

$75.00 USD

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