$97.00 USD

The Hypnotic Recovery Program

Hypnosis for Surgery Preparation and Recovery

A protocol of guided hypnosis sessions to help you accelerate healingreduce pain & anxietyimprove your sleep, and feel prepared to move through your surgical experience with ease.

What you'll get:

Introductory course:

Understand how hypnosis works, the science behind hypnosis for surgery prep and recovery, and how to use the program and make the most out of the sessions.

Guided sessions:

You can stream the guided sessions on a web browser, a mobile browser, or on your phone in the Kajabi App. (Note: sessions are not available for offline download)

Daily Sessions: 

✨PRE-OP RECORDING: Feel Ready for Surgery (20 mins)
✨POST-OP RECORDING: Encourage Healing After Surgery (17 mins)

As-Needed Sessions:

✨Pain Management: A Soothing Flow of Comfort (15 mins)
✨Sleep Support: Drift Off to Sleep With Ease (20 mins)
✨Anxiety Relief: Release Stress and Anxiety and Send Love to your Body (8 mins)
✨Diagnosis Overwhelm: Send Your Body Compassion after a Difficult Diagnosis (15 mins)
✨Morning of your Surgery: Cultivate Calm Strength on the Morning of Your Surgery (12 mins)
✨Waiting in the Hospital: Eyes-Open Hypnosis While Waiting in the Hospital the Day of the Surgery (14 mins)
Regain Energy: Return to Everyday Life After Surgery (13 mins)
✨Reduce Brain Fog: Unfog Your Mind and Find Mental Clarity (10 mins)

Registration gives you access to the program for one year.

This program is not a replacement for medical care, or advice from your licensed medical team.

By purchasing and using this program, you agree that this material will be used solely for your own personal use, and you will not share or distribute this material with others in any capacity, or use the materials professionally with clients, friends, or colleagues. You understand that unauthorized distribution of this intellectual property may result in legal action.