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The Resilient Educator Course

We help educators prevent and manage "teacher burnout" by changing their brain and body’s response to stress, so they can reconnect with the joy and reward of their work and build resilience, in and out of the classroom.

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Pennsylvania Educators: CE Credits Available - Approved for 44 Hours
(we will submit to the DoE upon completion)

Evidence-Based Neuroplasticity

Using neuroscience-informed practices, you will rewire your brain to transform your thoughts, sensations, emotions, and behaviors in a way that supports your wellbeing and helps you enjoy your life and career.


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Is empathy burning you out?

It's no secret, the life of a teacher is stressful.

Navigating the demands of students, fellow teachers, parents, and administration; long hours, lack of support, hybrid learning environments, and even threats of violence the classroom, can take its toll on both you and your students.

Educators are highly empathetic

While this empathy is essential to the job, it also means a greater risk of taking on the stress of others and developing chronic stress or even burnout.

While we recognize that drastic institutional changes are necessary to further support educators in the long term, there are also powerful personal strategies to navigate challenges along the way, and make teaching a lasting, rewarding career.

That's where resilience comes in.

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The Resilient Educator:
6 Week Brain Training Program

In this 6-week, experiential, online course, you will be taken through a variety of evidence-based mental practices to help you build inner resilience, change your brain and body's response to stress, navigate challenges with certainty, and reconnect with your love of teaching. 

You'll learn to break out of your stress cycles, dismantle the negativity bias and limiting beliefs, build inner resources and resilience, cultivate more joy and gratitude in your days, get in touch with your goals, and fall back in love with what you do.

You'll also gain practical applications to teach resilience tools to your students of all ages, empowering your students to take control of their lives by rewiring their own brains.

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In a combination of short videos, guided audio practices, and written lessons, you'll learn the science behind transformative mental practices (45-60 mins per week)

Daily Brain Training Practices

You'll get a new set of daily practices based on the week's theme, including guided audio practicesjournaling, and mental exercises
(15-30 mins daily)

Interactive Workbook

Each module includes workbook pages to help you track your progress, take notes, and explore thought-provoking exercises and journal prompts.
(Available as PDF printouts)

Classroom Resilience

Each module includes a classroom resilience toolkit with instructions and tips to translate the resilience practices that you're learning and introduce them to your students of all ages.

Available for individual purchase and full-school licensing
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Pennsylvania Educators: CE Credits Available - Approved for 44 Hours
(we will submit to the DoE upon completion)

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What you'll get:

  • A collection of guided visualization, meditation, and self-hypnosis practices (MP3)
  • A personalized daily practice to continue with your resilience work after the program
  • A classroom resilience toolkit with worksheets and mini resilience lessons to teach your students of all ages (PDF)
  • 1-year access to the course on any device, including new features and updates that will be added in the future

A Human-First Approach

So many "professional development" programs forget that you are a human first, before you are an educator, and before you are an employee. The Resilient Educator exists because your needs as an individual - as a human - have to come first. 

While this program will, of course, ultimately help you do your job better and support your students more fully, the core of this work will help you to reconnect with who you are, care for your mind and body, build personal inner resources, and become a resilient human.

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Weekly Module Topics

Module 1: Awareness

Learn the fundamentals of neuroplasticity and self-regulation, take inventory of your inner resources and goals, and apply  meditation and installation to reduce stress right away.

Module 2: Discovery

Dismantle the limiting core beliefs that perpetuate your stress cycles, and teach your brain that your goals are possible using the power of visualization and the Core Discovery Process™.

Module 3: Attention

Counteract the negativity bias and take control of your selective attention, explore how stress shows up for you, and gain tools to resolve your feelings of stress in the moment.

Module 4: Gratitude

Enhance your daily experiences of gratitude and joy as tools for self-regulation, create regulating anchors in your day, and implement positive tools such as Laughter Yoga and gratitude journaling.

Module 5: Rehearsal

Prepare for stressful situations using mental rehearsal, learn how to navigate social media and the stress of other people, and process rejections and obstacles while maintaining your resilience and confidence.

Module 6: Resilience

Bring everything you've learned together by exploring resilient habits, training the brain to build confidence, and setting yourself up for an ongoing daily resilience practice at the conclusion of the program.

Click here for a deeper dive into the weekly module content

Building Classroom Resilience

As you implement brain training, self-regulation, and resilience strategies into your personal life, you'll also learn ways to adapt these processes for your students of all ages, helping you to build a truly resilient classroom.

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The Practices

In addition to your weekly module lessons, you'll receive a new series of evidence-based daily brain training practices each week, which involves exercises to do in the morning and the evening. Some of the primary practices in this program include...

  • Visualization and mental rehearsal
  • Installation (Positive Neuroplasticity)
  • Journaling and self-reflection
  • Meditation and mindful breathing exercises
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Redirection and cognitive shifting
  • Reframing limiting core beliefs
  • Laughter Yoga
  • And more!
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Access The Resilient Educator program on your computer, tablet, or phone

Upon registration, you will have access to this course on your computer by logging in through your browser. And, if you'd like to bring it into other devices, you can use the Kajabi App (Apple Store & Google Play) to experience the program on the go!

Simply download the app, login with your credentials that you used to register for the course, and you'll be all set!

A Deeper Dive

Click on the modules below for a breakdown of the lessons!


At the conclusion of this program, you'll leave with...

  • A jam-packed resilience toolkit with practices to navigate life's stressors (PDF)
  • Tracking sheets and journal pages to continue with your practices (PDF)
  • A collection of guided visualization, meditation, and self-hypnosis practices (MP3)
  • A personalized daily practice to continue with your resilience work after the program
  • A classroom resilience toolkit with worksheets and mini resilience lessons to teach your students of all ages (PDF)
  • 1-year access to the course on any device, including new features and updates that will be added in the future
  • A deeper understanding of how to manage your stress, navigate challenges, and work toward your goals

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CE Credits Available: 44 Act 48 Hours (Pennsylvania)
NOTE: there is an additional $50 fee for CE credits

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Transformation happens when the entire group commits to making a change. Let's talk about licensing* The Resilient Educator for your whole team! 

 *Group discounts are available with bulk licensing.

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Check out our Intro to Resilience Workshop for Educators.

In this experiential workshop, your team can try out a sample of the course's practices with our Resilient Educator virtual workshop (live on Zoom). Send an inquiry below and let's talk about bringing resilience training to your organization.

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Meet your Guide

Emilie Leyes (she/they) is a NYC-based brain training specialist and hypnosis practitioner, and the creator of the Resilient Educator program. After learning about the power of brain training to navigate and recover from her own severe chronic illness, Emilie made it her mission to develop resilience-based tools for high-empathy individuals to protect their mental and physical wellbeing to support their careers.

Emilie is formally trained in Positive Psychology, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Clinical Hypnosis. She is currently furthering her education in the field of self-directed neuroplasticity, where she is studying Mind-Body Medicine with focuses in psychophysiology and clinical hypnosis.

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NOTE: While this program offers evidence-based tools that help manage stress and support overall mental wellbeing,  this is not a replacement for working with a licensed therapist or medical professional, and we do not diagnose or treat clinical conditions in this process.