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The Resilient Educator Workshop

In this 75-minute, experiential workshop, your team of educators will apply mental tools that can help them change their brain and body’s response to stress, reconnect with the joy and reward of their work, and build resilience, in and out of the classroom.

Bring resilience to your team!


Is your team burning out?

It's no secret, the life of a teacher is stressful.

With the added pressures that educators have experienced in the last few years, teachers are burning out faster than ever. In fact, the latest studies reveal that educators have become the most burnt out profession in America, with nearly half of teachers reporting that they always feel burnout at work.

Why does this matter?

We know how important it is for you to not only keep your teachers happy, but also to keep your teachers teaching. With burnout becoming so pervasive in the teaching profession, it has also become the #1 cause of teacher attrition.

While, of course, additional systemic interventions are needed as well, resilience training can help your educators be more able to reduce stress, manage challenges with greater ease, and reconnect with the joy of what they do.

Is this impacting your students?

Research reveals that teacher stress and burnout directly impacts their ability to give clear instruction, create a supportive environment for their students, and effectively manage the classroom. What's more, high turnover rates of teachers not only directly affects their students, but it also impacts the success of all the students in the school.

Your students need more resilient teachers just as much as you do.

Bring resilience to your team

 The Resilient Educator Workshop

Experiential, interactive training

In this live, interactive virtual workshop via Zoom, your team will learn tangible brain training practices to support their wellbeing and build resilience

Daily Brain Training Practice

Your team will leave with a series of brain training practices that can be implemented daily to reduce stress and build resilience in a way that actually lasts

Mini Brain Training Handbook

The workshop includes a mini workbook that outlines each concept that was introduced in the session, as well as strategies to implement the practices

Guided Audio Practice

At the conclusion of the workshop, your team will receive a guided self-hypnosis audio practice that can help them continue to implement resilience training as a daily practice

While other one-time workshops often lead to a temporary morale boost, this experiential workshop sets your team up with ongoing strategies to continue to support their wellbeing for the long-term.

Bring resilience to your team

A Human-First Approach

So many "professional development" programs and workshops forget that employees are humans first. The Resilient Educator workshop and program exist because your team's needs as individuals - as humans - have to come first. 

While this workshop will, of course, ultimately help your team do their jobs better and support their students more fully, the core of this work will help them reconnect them with who they are, care for their minds and bodies, build personal inner resources, and become resilient humans.

Bring resilience to your team

What the workshop includes:

  • 60 minutes of instruction and experiential practices via Zoom
  • 15 minutes for Q&A
  • Introductory overview of neuroplasticity and brain training
  • Guided, experiential practices
  • A suggested daily practice to use following the workshop
  • Guided self-hypnosis audio recording to use in a daily practice (MP3)
  • A mini brain training handbook that outlines everything that's covered (PDF)
  • Tracking sheets to implement the daily practice (PDF)

Evidence-Based Mental Practices

In addition to an introduction to the brain science behind neuroplasticity, your team will be guided through a series of evidence-based brain training practices  including...

  • Laughter yoga
    • Improves mood, releases physiological stress, encourages playfulness, boosts morale
  • "Classroom Beauty" mindfulness exercise
    • Creates positive associations with the environment (classroom), increases feelings of awe and gratitude
  • Redirection and cognitive shifting
    • Reduces stress responses immediately, builds resilience, cultivates mindfulness
  • Visualization and self-hypnosis
    • Improves confidence, builds resilience, increases creativity, encourages more positive experiences in the face of challenges, prevents future stress
Bring resilience to your team

Want more than a workshop?
License The Resilient Educator Course for your school

Want to take it a step beyond a one-time workshop? Check out the 6-week, online, experiential brain training course, The Resilient Educator™!

 This course walks educators step-by-step through practices to break down limiting core beliefs, change their brain and body's response to stress, identify and work toward their goals, and navigate the challenges in their lives with greater ease and calm strength. The program also includes strategies to introduce resilience practices to students of all ages.

Transformation happens when the entire group commits to making an ongoing change. Let's talk about licensing* The Resilient Educator 6-week course for your whole team! 

 *Group discounts are available with bulk licensing.

Check out the 6-week online course

Introduce your team to resilience

75-minute experiential workshop (conducted on Zoom)

Help your teachers build resilience, reduce stress and burnout, and reconnect with the joy of what they do

Bring resilience to your team

Meet your Guide

Emilie Leyes (she/they) is a NYC-based brain training specialist and hypnosis practitioner, and the creator of the Resilient Educator program. After learning about the power of brain training to navigate and recover from her own severe chronic illness, Emilie made it her mission to develop resilience-based tools for high-empathy individuals to protect their mental and physical wellbeing to support their careers.

Emilie is formally trained in Positive Psychology, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Clinical Hypnosis. She is currently furthering her education in the field of self-directed neuroplasticity, where she is studying Mind-Body Medicine with focuses in psychophysiology and clinical hypnosis.