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Learn How to Like Your Life (and yourself)
using brain training & self-hypnosis

How to Like Your Life is a brain training podcast for mindset transformation, hosted by brain training specialist & hypnosis practitioner, Emilie Leyes. In each episode, Emilie offers step-by-step tools in brain training and self hypnosis to rewire your own brain to like more of your life. 

You'll find episodes on topics like cultivating more joy & gratitude in your life, navigating stress and challenges, adopting habits and boosting motivation, building a more positive mindset, and so much more. You’ll leave every episode with practical brain training tools that you can implement into your life to empower yourself and feel better and better each day.

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Each episode is paired with a hypnosis session in the Doddle Hypnosis App

Emilie's hypnosis app, Doddle, offers 100+ unique hypnosis sessions to reprogram your mind, transform how you feel, and like more of your life.

In addition to the full library of recordings, the also includes an additional resource for How to Like Your Life listeners. Each episode is paired with a unique hypnosis practice designed to help you more easily implement the tools that are discussed in the podcast.

The podcast teaches you how to like your life, and Doddle makes it a very easy task.

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About Emilie

Hi there, I'm Emilie! I'm a brain training specialist and hypnosis practitioner, host of the How to Like Your Life Podcast, and the founder of the Doddle Hypnosis App. My background is in positive neuroplasticity, positive psychology, clinical hypnosis, and mind-body medicine.

After using brain training to fully recover from debilitating, "incurable" chronic illness, I learned just how powerful it can be to apply techniques that create changes in the brain, mind, and body.

Since then, it has been my mission to help folks harness the power of their own minds to reduce stress, build confidence and creativity, increase their access to joy, and actually like more of their lives as they work toward their goals.

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