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1:1 Hypnosis for Actors, Singers, Public Figures, and Content Creators 

Reduce stress and imposter syndrome, overcome performance & audition anxiety, build access to creativity and flow, reconnect with the joy of what you do, and build unshakeable confidence

Transform your brain (and career) using hypnosis

Hypnosis is a tool that facilitates a trance-like mental state to open the subconscious mind to change using relaxation, imagery, and suggestion.

Luckily, you already know how to access this state! As a creative person, you likely know what it feels like to get "in the zone" with your work. If you are a performer, you are also already trained in the practice of using imagination to influence your mental and physical states though your characters.

Using your unique, creative skill sets, in hypnosis you'll learn to harness your imagination to support your mental and physical wellbeing and set you up for success in your career and your life.

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Who would benefit from hypnosis?

The short answer? Anyone! Hypnosis is simply a framework to help you harness your own inner resources to overcome obstacles and work toward your goals. It is particularly beneficial for the following groups:

Working actors and singers who are...

  • experiencing high levels of stress in their career
  • preparing for/ navigating traumatic or stressful roles
  • prepping for auditions or looking to change their stress-based relationship with auditions
  • beginning a new project and want to prepare their mind and body for optimal performance
  • seeking tools to cultivate confidence and self-worth in the performance industry
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Public figures and content creators who...

  • experience significant stress in their work
  • want to cultivate creativity and flow in their work
  • are looking for strategies to process the stress of fame or virality
  • want to build more confidence and calm strength
  • want a framework to explore and work toward their goals with more certainty
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Performance students who are...

  • preparing for college theatre auditions (click here to learn more about our combined college audition coaching & hypnosis sessions!)
  • looking to strengthen their creative brains to serve their performance education
  • seeking tools to reduce the stress of being a student in the arts
  • in need of a confidence boost and strategies to build self worth

Other creative people who...

want to enhance their imagination, remove obstacles, and build inner resources to pursue their goals. This includes but is not limited to...

  • Creative directors
  • Writers, directorsintimacy coordinators, and other folks in the storytelling industry
  • Educators who teach creative skills
  • And more!
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Your Investment

Please inquire for pricing for in-person, backstage, or on-set hypnosis sessions.

Payment plans available upon request.

Intro 90-Minute Session


Includes intake, self-hypnosis tutorial, & hypnotherapy

60-Minute One-Time Session


Follow-up sessions only
Hypnotherapy & coaching

4 Pack (60 minutes each)


Four hypnotherapy/ coaching sessions (save $200)

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PLEASE NOTE: Completing a single session is required to access the discount packages.

These hypnosis sessions are not a replacement for support from your licensed healthcare and mental health professionals. I do not treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other clinical diagnoses. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

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Meet Your Guide

Emilie Leyes (she/they) is an actor, singer, social media creator, brain training specialist, and hypnosis practitioner. For the last 6 years, Emilie has been researching the intersections of neuroplasticity, acting/creativity, and psychophysiology (mind-body connection). She has a bachelor's degree in acting and vocal performance, a master's degree in Mind-Body Medicine. Emilie is also formally trained in Clinical Hypnosis, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Positive Psychology.