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Doddle Hypnosis App

Use hypnosis to train your brain and like more of your life.

Doddle Hypnosis will include 100+ full length hypnosis sessionseyes-open hypnosis sessions to use while walking, in the shower, and other activities of your life, and  a whole library of mood shifters - mini sessions designed to get you out of a stress response fast and boost your mood in a matter of minutes. 

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Meet your guide

Emilie Leyes (she/they) is a NYC-based brain training specialist and hypnosis practitioner. After learning about the power of brain training to navigate and recover from her own severe chronic illness, Emilie made it her mission to create and share life changing mental practices to the world.

Emilie is formally trained in Positive Psychology, Positive Neuroplasticity, Clinical Hypnosis, and holds a Master's degree in Mind-Body Medicine. She also has an extensive background in mindfulness, mediation, and nervous system regulation modalities.